About us


Founded in 2012, Kina‘ole is a solar finance company that focuses on providing affordable solar energy to home and business owners throughout the United States. With offices in California and Hawai‘i, Kina‘ole delivers low-cost electricity throughout the United States that saves its customer’s money and contributes to our country’s shift to clean, renewable energy.

With a Kina‘ole Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), our customers simply agree to purchase electricity from us – at a substantially lower cost than they pay their current utility.  Kina’ole pays for the entire solar system installation and handles all future operations and maintenance.  The customer simply buys electricity from Kina’ole and does so for a rate that is lower than what they currently pay.

In 2015, Kina’ole became a part of a select few companies throughout the world who have been awarded the prestigious Certified B Corporation designation.  We don’t just talk about doing good, we are leading the movement.

The Kina‘ole team is led by a group of solar professionals who work to ensure that the process of going solar is a seamless and positive experience.  Please see more about our team below.

Ideal Project Types:

  • Commercial/Non-Profit
    • Up to 2MW
    • Rooftop, Ground Mount or Parking Structures
    • Credit Rated off-taker
    • Top Solar Markets in US
    • Owner-user properties or Lessee with long-term lease in place
    • Utility Scale Projects
    • Community Solar
  • Residential
    • For Developers
      • Proven ability to deliver 2MW’s of residential per year
      • Top Solar Markets in US
    • For Homeowners
      • Please contact us and we can help you find the Top Solar Contractor in your neighborhood